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VS Event Staffing is a boutique event staffing agency that serves renowned brands, agencies, industry suppliers, and event planners in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.


With a commitment to quality and personalized service, VS Event Staffing was founded as a boutique agency catering to discerning brands and event planners.

Our team embodies both our promotional and hospitality departments, equipped with the expertise to elevate your event with top-notch event staff support in the event sector. 

Our committed team is available to assist you in every aspect. From the initial quotes and team formation to the deployment of teams, our in-house coordinators are here to support you throughout the entire process.   



Vanessa Strzelecki

Vanessa Strzelecki, a veteran in the events industry with over two decades of expertise, serves as the founder and senior project manager. Renowned for her creative prowess, she has orchestrated flawless and captivating events for esteemed luxury brands such as Formula 1-Paddock Club, Tennis Canada, Birks for TIFF, and The Presidents Cup, among others.


Vanessa offers comprehensive event staffing solutions for Canada's leading companies and international sporting events, providing a network of top-tier professional event support nationwide. Specializing in collaborating with experiential marketing agencies, she excels in assembling teams tailored for diverse brand activation events.

Account Manager


With over a decade immersed in the event industry, Samantha brings a wealth of experience spanning roles from management to onsite coordination to Maitre D'hotel, supervision, and leadership. Additionally, she has honed her skills as a server, brand ambassador, and bartender, enriching her versatility.


Samantha is integral to event development, logistics, recruitment, planning, and organization, ensuring top-notch service quality and customer satisfaction by adeptly overseeing teams and furnishing them with precise guidance. She assumes responsibility for team motivation and optimal performance, while maintaining seamless communication with clients, planners, and catering entities to facilitate smooth and efficient event execution.

VP Operations & Lead Coordinator


Judy is a seasoned professional with over two decades of dedication to the hospitality industry. Her journey began in Montreal, where she honed her expertise in scotches and whiskeys at a popular public house. Known for her adept management of creative and strategic bar services, Judy is a master of mixology. With over 15 years of experience in event management, she has successfully orchestrated large-scale event staffing contracts  including The Paddock Club, Tennis Canada, Birks for TIFF, and The Presidents Cup, among others.

Judy excels in managing all administrative tasks and back-of-house operations for VS Events Staffing, ensuring seamless operations behind the scenes. She prioritizes cultivating strong personal connections with each client, consistently going above and beyond to ensure the success of every event with a personalized touch.

Account Manager


With over three years of service industry experience, Amanda excels in roles like server, Maître d', and bartender. Her skills include personalized service, managing dining operations, optimizing table arrangements, and exceeding guest expectations. Amanda's strengths lie in communication, industry trend awareness, innovation, and dedication to exceptional service, making her an invaluable asset in event coordination.  Amanda's newest role at VS entails business development and logistical management.

Account Manager


Meet Alana, a talented and experienced professional in the event and restaurant industry. With over 10 years of experience in the field, she has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences for clients. She has a keen eye for detail and is able to manage complex events with ease.


Alana's strong communication skills help to effectively communicate with clients and staff members to ensure that everyone is on the same page. In addition, she has an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and innovations in the industry, and is able to incorporate these into her work to create unique and memorable experiences for clients. She prides herself on delivering exceptional service and going above and beyond to exceed their clients' expectations. Overall, her skills, experience, and dedication make her a valuable asset to any event!


As a women-founded and women-run enterprise, VS Event Staffing brings a unique perspective to the industry, elevating not only the caliber of service but also the empowerment of women in business.

Driven by passion and dedication, VS Event Staffing quickly earned acclaim, leading to expansion across Quebec and into Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. Today, VS Event Staffing stands as a beacon of reliability and distinction, setting the standard for excellence in event staffing.

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